you may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one .

8 January 2012

late post for resolution


kalau kau tak at least cuba, kau takkan dpt apa yang kau nak. takkan. so please, jgn jadi penakut sgt

so blahblahblah here's my resolution for this year :

  • - to actually BE a model. or mabye just learn to be one
  • - buy a new lappy
  • - more friendly toward others
  • - find HIM and make him confess! haha!
  • - new handphone. mine sucks:(
  • - study hard for new surrounding
  • - oh yeah! save some money--'
tadi akasyah pergi attend photoshoot untuk kawan, a few snapshots here and there, haha resolution one kinda done (:

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